Dr. Noble's
Chem 201: General Chemistry I
Fall 2016    

The Text -This is the main text for the class. Lecture content may include more or less than the text content, and lecture content takes priority for exams.

Miscellany Page -Check here for miscellaneous information throughout the semester.

Course Syllabus -The course syllabi (including schedules) for Dr. Noble's MWF 11:00 class and MWF 12:00 class. Paper copy will be distributed.

Setup -The listing of recitation sections, Teaching Assistants and their office hours for both of Dr. Noble's lecture classes.

Supplemental Instruction -This is the schedule for the SI program. More REACH information is here.

Old Exams -Copies of old exams for this course. Be sure to read the Notes. There is a change in format of the regular exams for the current Fall 2016 relative to the old exams of Fall 2015 and 2014.

Other Links -Some sources of HELP, some sources of general information, some sources of who knows what else.

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