Dr. Noble's
Chem 201 Miscellany Page, Fall 2017
This page changes periodically. Check for updates.

Basically this page is for announcements, notices, etc. as the semester proceeds. Exam results and keys will also be linked here.


FINAL EXAM of Saturday, December 9
Average (over all classes, all students) 61. A-E Key: here.


ALTERNATE FINAL EXAM of Wednesday, December 6
A-E Key: here.


REACH has posted its schedule of help sessions for Finals Blitz.


A copy of the Final Exam Notes is here.


Copies of the VSEPR Table and the VSEPR Summaries are available for practice.


Average 54 pts (72%). KEY: here.


Help session for Exam IV is Saturday, Nov. 4 at 1:30 pm in CB 16.


Average 56 pts (74%). KEY: here.


Average 57 pts (76%). KEY: here.


Help session for Exam II is Sunday, Sept. 24 at 1:30 pm in CB 16.


Exam II covers material through Chapter 13. This is a different break-point than for the old exams of Fall 2016, which covered through Chapter 14. As a result, the following questions from Fall 2016 Exams II are not relevant to Exam II this term.
     Sections 5-11: #5 and #6
     Sections 22-29: #4
The above questions ARE relevant to Exam III this term.


Average 58 pts (77%). KEY: here.


Help session for Exam I is Sunday, Sept. 10 at 2:00 pm in CB 16.


Answer key to Names and Formulas handout, pages 5 and 6, is here.


Versions of the Periodic Table:
The class handout version is here.
The version here shows Main Groups versus Transition Metal Groups.
The version here shows the distribution of metal, metalloid and nonmetal elements.
The version here shows how PoBiSnAl defines the separation for metal elements from the not-metal elements. The elements Po, Bi, Sn, Al, and the elements below them, and the elements to the left (except H) are metals.
(Some elements remain of unknown or unable-to-predict classification as metal, metalloid or nonmetal. Students are not required to know categories for these elements.)

Link to Noble Chem 201.