Miscellany Page, Spring 2018
This page changes periodically. Check for updates.

Basically this page is for announcements, notices, etc. as the semester proceeds. Exam results and keys will also be linked here.


FINAL EXAM of Saturday, April 28
Average 54 (over all classes). There will be a scale: multiply the points by 1.06.
A-E Key: here.


ALTERNATE FINAL EXAM of Thursday, April 26
A-E Key: here.


A copy of the Final Exam Notes handout is here. The time for Dr. Hoyt's help session has been corrected here (11:30 am, not pm).


202-02 MW class average 60. KEY: here.
202-03 TR class average 68. KEY: here.


Exam III content for Chapter 60 is modified to exclude the change-to-equilibrium problems in Sections 60.2 and 60.3 for complex formation; this eliminates the reset type problems. Complex formation calculations will be limited to at-equilibrium questions, such as those described in lecture (Tues., Mar. 27 and Wed., Mar. 28) and on the handout, Selected Lecture Problems Chapter 60. This elimintes text Examples 5 through 8, and it eliminates EOCP 8 and 9. All other aspects of complexes are still possible Exam III content.


Help session for Exam III is Saturday, Mar. 31, at 1:00 pm in CB 16.


202-02 MW class average 68. KEY: here.
202-03 TR class average 75. KEY: here.


Help session for Exam II is Sunday, Feb. 25, at 2:00 pm in CB 16.


202-02 MW class average 70%. KEY: here.
There was a version-control error and Tuesday got the same exam as Monday but with an edit (#8).
Tuesday students should check the key above. Tuesday's exam only adds to 94 pts, so the Scored Grade (on exam cover) will need to be multiplied by 100/94. The (corrected) average for the Tuesday exam is 73%.


Help session for Exam I is Saturday, Feb. 3, at 1:00 pm in CB 16.


Spare copies of the Given Information handout are here.


Link to Noble Chem 202.