Miscellany Page, Spring 2017
This page changes periodically. Check for updates.

Basically this page is for announcements, notices, etc. as the semester proceeds. Exam results and keys will also be linked here.


FINAL EXAM of Saturday, April 29
Average 60 (over all classes). A-E Key: here.


ALTERNATE FINAL EXAM of Thursday, April 27
A-E Key: here.


REACH has announced its schedule of help sessions for Finals Blitz.


See the info regarding the coverage of the old final exams on the Old Exams webapge.


A copy of the Final Exam Notes is here.


Average 72. KEY: here.


EXAM III content for Chapter 60 will be spelled out in lecture on Tuesday, Mar. 28. The expectation is to include all of Section 60.1, but Sections 60.2 and 60.3 will be covered on a qualitative basis only. All calculations involving Kf are dropped, but balanced equations and Kf expressions are to be included in Exam III content, subject to lecture announcements of Tuesday, Mar. 28. Help session for Exam III will be after class on Tuesday, Mar. 28, in the lecture room, EH 103. Follow-up: Coverage is as expected above. Chapter 60 EOCP 8, 9 and 10 are dropped. #11 on Spring 2016 old exam is not covered.


Average 72. KEY: here. Error in key has been fixed.


Help session for Exam II will be after class on Tuesday, Feb. 28, in the same lecture room, EH 103.


EXAM II is delayed from Tuesday, Feb. 28 to Thursday, Mar. 2.


Average 62. KEY: here.


Help session for Exam I will be Sunday, Feb. 5, at 2:00 pm in CB 16.


Link to Noble Chem 202.