Dr. Noble's
Chem 202 Miscellany Page, Spring 2019
This page changes periodically. Check for updates.

Basically this page is for announcements, notices, etc. as the semester proceeds. Exam results and keys will also be linked here.


FINAL EXAM of Saturday, April 27
Average 63 (over all classes). A-E Key: here.


REACH has posted its schedule of help sessions for Finals Blitz.


A copy of the Final Exam Notes handout is here.


202-02 MW Class: Average 62. KEY: here.
202-03 TTh Class: Average 65. KEY: here.


Help session for Exam III is Sunday, Mar 31, 3:30 pm in CB 16.


202-02 MW Class: Average 73. KEY: here.
202-03 TTh Class: Average 74. KEY: here.


Help session for Exam II is Sunday, Mar 3, 2:30 pm in CB 16.


Exam II will be postponed by exactly one week. The exam for 202-02 (MW) is Wed, Mar 6, instead of Wed, Feb 27. The exam for 202-03 (TTh) is Tue, Mar 5, instead of Tue, Feb 26.


202-02 MW Class: Average 71%. KEY: here.
202-03 TTh Class: Average 62%. KEY: here.


Help session for Exam I is Saturday, Feb 2, 1:00 pm in CB 16.


Information regarding the impact of closing classes on Wednesday (1-30-19). Although the TTh class (202-03) was not affected by the closing, the following applies for that class and for the MW class (202-02).

Dates for Exam I for both classes will remain as scheduled for next Tuesday (202-03) and Wednesday (202-02). There will be a slight modification to content: Chapter 43 will be dropped from Exam I content and that coverage will be postponed to Exam II content. Next week's Exam I content is therefore Chapters 34-42 inclusive, as well as Chem 201 material as relevant. (For example, for the latter, see the material cited on page 4 of the abridged lecture syllabus). If you are using the old exams online, this means dropping two of those questions: Spring 2018 #1j (last T/F) and Spring 2017 #7.

A Summary handout of important aspects for Chapter 40 was distributed at lecture on Tuesday, Jan 29. This was supposed to be distributed at lecture on Wednesday, Jan 30, but that will happen instead on Monday, Feb 4. In the meantime, you can download a copy of that handout here.




The time for the Final Exam will be 11:00 am - 1:30 pm on Saturday, April 27. The date is on the syllabus but the time was not known when the syllabus was discussed in class.

Link to Noble Chem 201.