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General Chemistry I and II Texts

General Chemistry: It's Part of Your World

Part 2.  The Unfinished Story

Fall 2022

This is a text for GenChem II (Chem 202) classes. This "working text" is a work-in text with blanks and fill-ins and such. This text is a much leaner text than many other General Chemistry texts and it also modernizes General Chemistry content. The online text is accessed by the links below.

NOTE: Be aware of the most recent "Corrections to errors", as linked below. That list can change as needed.

All content © 2008, 2012, 2013 Mark E. Noble.

Honor the copyright. The online text is provided for individual, personal use only; this allows printing one copy for individual, personal use. Any violations of copyright will jeopardize this access for other students (and can result in other actions as appropriate).


access, online General Chemistry text.

Corrections to errors in the text are here.

Periodic Table is here. This version is updated to include all 118 elements.

The list of Elements is here.  This version is updated to include all 118 elements.

Front matter is here.

      Table of Contents

Back matter is here.

      Appendix A Thermodynamic Tables

      Appendix B Aqueous Equilibrium Constants

      Appendix C Half-Cell Potentials

      Appendix D Answers to End-of-Chapter Problems  

      Conversions and Constants

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Ch 44      Ch 45      Ch 46     Ch 47       Ch 48

Ch 49      Ch 50      Ch 51      Ch 52      Ch 53

Ch 54      Ch 55      Ch 56      Ch 57      Ch 58

Ch 59      Ch 60      Ch 61      Ch 62      Ch 63

Ch 64      Ch 65      Ch 66      Ch 67     Ch 68

(Chapter 69 is not finished and is unavailable.)

Link to GenChem I text (Part 1).

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